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Applications: all systems are D,B,H, and K series compliant.

  • 88-91 EF Civic/Crx (pictures below)
  • 90-93 DA Acura Integra (pictures below)
  • 94-01 DC Acura Integra (pictures below)
  • 92-00 EG/EK Honda Civic (pictures below)
  • 92-96 BB4 Honda Prelude (pictures below)
  • 97-01 BB6 Honda Prelude (pictures below)
  • 90-93 CB7 Honda Accord (pictures below)
  • 99-00 EM1 Civic Si
  • 94-97 CD Honda Accord 4 cyl. (pictures below)
  • 92-95 EG/96-00 EK/94-01 DC Front Torque Mount Kit for F/H series engines TBS
  • 92-95 EG/96-00 EK/94-01 DC Front Torque Mount Kit F2D or H2B Traction Bar System
  • 92-93 CB7 Honda Accord ABS!!!
  • NEW 88-91 Prelude H/F/B20 Front Torque Mount Kit ABS

99-00 EM1 Civic Si ONLY uses a 1 piece LCA instead of a 2 piece LCA which there is no previsions to mount our brackets for the radius rods so it will require the brackets to be welded on instead of bolt on.  Or other option is to replace the LCA with EK 2 piece LCA and lower sway bar.

The pictures below show the EF 88-91 Civic/Crx H22A custom traction bar system with adjustable radius/tie rods. It is a direct bolt-on with the use of the stock factory bolt holes and radiator. It is built strong and built to last! It's made of 1 1/2" x .170" square tubing and 1/4" thich plate. Everything is mild steel. It comes complete with swaged polished aluminum radius/tie rods and chrome-moly heim joints. Also comes powdercoated semi gloss black. Other colors are available more time will be needed.

$335+$15 for shipping US = $350 shipped US

The price below is for those who have boughten our motor mount kits.

$310+$15 for shipping US = $325 shipped US.

  • It is a lot stronger than the factory cross member and stiffens the whole front end up.
  • It will improve your cornering and handling ability.
  • It will give you the strength to launch harder and prevent wheel hop.
  • It will also lower your 60' times.

Our Traction Bar Systems are heavily proven under road and race conditions. We have a few customers running 11's and 10's with our Traction Bar Systems. The kid down the street is getting the same identical product. Rest a sure you are getting a great product that will last through tough conditions.

Update: 11/6/06

The New World's Fastest Prelude is running our custom Prelude Traction Bar System with Front/Torque Mount kit. 10.94 at 138 mph. He was running constant low 11's before and we feel the traction bar system had a bit to do to get him into the 10's. Traction plays a big role, even with daily driving to the track. Here is a quote from Roger owner of the World's Fastest Prelude about the Traction Bar System.

"It's really awesome!!! Keeps the power down to the
ground doesnt break loose in 2nd, on the 2nd stage of
boost anymore. " - Roger

EF 88-91 Civic/Crx Traction Bar System

$350 shipped US

With either B or D series Front Torque/Mount Kit (Cable Trans Only)  Pictures up shortly...

$450 shipped US

With D Series Cable Trans Torque Mount Kit

Our standard EF Traction Bar System :

Done in Gold...$40 extra...

DA 90-93 Acura Integra Traction Bar System

$350 shipped US pictured below

DA 90-93 Acura Integra Traction Bar System with B series (Cable Trans Only) Front Torque/Mount Kit

$450 shipped US pictured below

Our Front Torque/Mount kit uses polyurethane bushings on each side to soften the mount as well as being adjustable to adjust how much tension you want on the front mount.  Replaces stock front mount. It will clear the stock radiator and fan as the pictures below show.  It also uses our double shear brackets to mount the heim to the LCA. 

$450 shipped US

EG/EK/DC:  92-00 Honda Civic/94-01 Acura Integra Traction Bar System

$350 shipped US pictured below...

Tow Hook Previsions on both sides...


Custom designed Radius Rod to LCA mounting brackets for EG/EK/DC...

Honda Accord CB7 90-93 Traction Bar System with or without Front/Torque Mount Kit...

The kit is similar to the Prelude Traction Bar System and is pictured below...

90-93 Honda Accord (All Models) F and H series

92-93 Honda Accord (With ABS) F and H series

92-93 CB7 Accord ABS Traction Bar System comes with our ABS bracket to be able to bolt down your factory ABS bottom bracket.  Simply un bolt your factory bottom ABS bracket from your stock cross member and bolt onto our TBS.  10mm bolts and nuts included.

SI blue color:

Near Chrome: Comes out a polished billet look... very nice...

Without Front/Torque Mount Kit, but has previsions for later upgrade...

 $350 shipped US

With Front/Torque Mount kit...

$450 shipped US

Please specify upon purchase if you have ABS or NoN ABS.

Honda Accord CD 94-97 Traction Bar System with or without the Front Torque/Mount Kit...

*This will only fit 4 cyl cars non V6 cars*

It will work with all F and H Series engines.

...Pictured below...

Without Front Torque/Mount Kit, but has previsions for later upgrade...

$350 shipped US

With Front Torque/Mount Kit

$450 shipped US

CD 94-97 Honda Accord Traction Bar System bolted up in the picture below.  This was with a customer with a Fully Built Top Mount H22A GT40 setup.  Still plenty of room with large downpipe and dumptube.


Honda Prelude BB4-BB6 92-96 and 97-01 Traction Bar System with or without the Front/Torque Mount Kit...

92-96 Honda Prelude (All Models)

97-01 Honda Prelude (Base Model Only) (Not SH)

Without the Front Torque/Mount Kit, but has previsons for the later upgrade:

$350 shipped US

With the Front Torque/Mount Kit:

$450 Shipped US...

Below is a Video of our Traction Bar System in action.  A Super Charged Prelude took a video of it mounted on the Traction Bar itself and went around town to display how it works. Click or Copy Paste. 

Done in Bright Red Gloss powder coating...$20 extra...

Prelude/Accord Traction Bar System to LCA Double Shear Bracket (pictured below, from rear to front of car).

Our Double Shear Bracket distributes the stress with not only 1 point but 2 on the LCA.  It strengthens the connection for the heim to the LCA.

The Front/Torque Mount Kit

The Front/Torque Mount kit will reduce the engines movement under hard acceleration and launching.  Which you will potentially get more power to the ground.  It's adjustable so you can control how much tension you would like and how much movement the engine will make.  It has polyurethane bushings to soften the pull and making little to none vibration.  It has 1/2" steel inserts and the rod is 1" diameter and is swaged aluminum and comes in a polished finish just like the radius rods.

BB Prelude...

Install guide and write up with detailed pictures and aftermath impressions from a customer...Link below.  Click or copy paste.

Roger's Worlds Fastest Prelude... A lot of room even with that T66 turbo kit...and 3" downpipe...

For the ladies or those brave men! We offer a Neon Pink Powder coating it is very bright :)

Installed on a 500 hp BB6 97-01 Prelude.  1/8 mile times were improved says the owner :)

"Thanks so much for the amazing traction bar... I got it the day before Import Faceoff and my mechanic said it was the easiest part hes ever installed on a car... especially my pain in the rear prelude haha... I just wanted to send you a couple pictures to show you! He was very worried I wouldn't have clearance for the front mount torque because he already had to remove my front motor mount but we had about 1 inch of clearance from my downpipe haha so it worked perfect! Excellent product!! Thank you again!! oh and the pink matched my valve cover perfect :) I think the traction bar helped me to get my 7.6 eighth mile time! I ran an 11.93 quarter mile but I have never run the prelude in a quarter mile before then so I can't tell you if it helped for that but I'm sure it did! anything can help a 500 whp boat of a prelude. "


David Dunn's 94 Integra GSR RWD H22A engine below :) with our Prelude Traction Bar System with Front/Torque Mount Kit...If it's going to work with the RWD application it's definitely going to be overkill for our FWD applications :)

Here is a Few Pictures of Rosko's (H-T) All Motor BB4 92-96 Prelude with our Front Torque Mount Kit Traction Bar System installed to show off clearances.

Rear double shear bracket installed on top of the LCA

Front Torque Mount Kit with Camp Header Plenty of Clearance.

Honda Civic EG 92-95 and Acura Integra DC 94-01 with H/F Series Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit.

Pictures below...$450 shipped US

We also have a Front Torque Mount Kit Traction Bar System for you H2B, H2D, F2B, F2D  EG/EK/DC.

Look how high it tucks up :)

88-91 Honda Prelude Traction Bar System With or Without Front Torque Mount Kit for H/F and B20/B21 (stock motor)

Our Traction Bar System and Front Torque Mount Kit for B20/B21 (stock motors) or H/F clear the Stock OEM Radiator and OEM Fan and will also be compatible with the EG 92-01 Half Size Radiator/Aftermarket just by mounting 2 tabs to the front of the bar, real simple.  We can include these for $15 extra.

88-91 Prelude Traction Bar System with B20/1 and H/F swap is AC compatible!!!

Available December 17, 2008 we will start taking orders then!!!!!


- Standard Kit Without Front Torque Mount Kit

$350 shipped US

- With B20/B21 Front Torque Mount Kit

$450 shipped US

- With F/H Front Torque Mount Kit

$450 shipped US

- ABS plate can be added to the above options no extra charge 90-91 SI ABS models just let us know at purchase.