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AIM:  ExplicitSpeed360

We are in the process of designing and fabricating custom strut bars for the Honda/Acura applications below.  Our pieces will be just as strong or stronger than any other products out there. They will also be at an affordable price.  They will help your car both on and off the track.  Unibody cars have shock tower flex both in  the front and rear.  These strut bars will stiffen up your front and rear and will add strength to your chassis.  They offer better handling and will help eliminate shock tower flex.  All of our products are hand made and are high end quality.  They are made from flat 3/16" and square 1" x 1/8" mild steel.  They come with with a semi gloss black powder coated finish. 

If you guys want a custom look we can add the Name Plate Below and do the Plate in Any Color and Any Color decal you'd like.  Screws are SS and Counter Sunk for a clean look.

$30 Additional charge to your order.

 We can also Do Custom Wording

HUGE Christmas Sale 12/5-25 ONLY!!!!

Mount Kits $275 List NOW $248

Traction Bar Systems $475 Shipped US NOW $428 Shipped US

Solid Strut Bar Packages Some include FREE BAR!!!

Check with me on all Specials!!! Email!!!

Packaged Deal Combo! If have another chassis

Email US see if I can put together a Great Deal!!!

Purple Metal Flake Below

ESP 3 Point Front Upper Strut Bar, 2 Point Rear Upper Strut Bar and 2 Point Rear Lower Tie Bar in

Near Chrome


Q: Why go with ESP products?


A:           There are many reasons.  All of our products are handmade, made in house, made upon purchase and made in the USA.  All of our products are made out of thick steel with thick Stainless Steel welds.  They are also braced when needed or even if not needed.  We try to overbuild and over engineer the product.  Our welds are done by my father who has 45 year experience Master Mechanic and Welder.  Our products last!  They won’t brake on you like cheap oversea parts!  We take pride in seeing other issues out there that arise with certain parts and figure a way to make the product better and fit better being a special swap mount kit etc.  A lot of companies these days do not make their products from scratch they are mass produced thinned out steel and thinned out robotic tig weld.  Or even worse mass produced overseas.  In a lot of cases the welds are not strong because they are thinned out to save a buck.  With us you can always have us repair an item and or refurbish it and purchase replacement parts.  Try getting this kind of service off eBay.  We believe our products are the best functioning and strongest on the market!!!


So rest a sure with purchasing with us you are getting the best product available.



Now Available! Made on demand! 

Available for the EF/DA/EG/EK/DC for the same price.



EF 88-91 Civic/Crx

You can retain the factory location of the fuse box. It clears the Integra MC and Booster.  The back firewall bolts up to factory holes. It will clear D,B,H and possibly K series EF's.  Comes with 2 bolts.

EF 3 point front upper strut bar 

 $245 shipped US

EF 88-91 Civic/Crx B Series Swap with Integra Brake Booster and MC no clearance issues.


DC/EG/EK 3 point front upper strut bar 

$255 shipped US

CB7 90-93 Honda Accord 3 point front upper with or without ABS

$275 shipped US

Installed pictures of the CB 90-93 Accord 3 Point Front Upper Strut Bar.  As you can see plenty of clearance with the H swap.  Will work with all F/H Motors.


BA 88-91 Prelude 3 Point Front Upper Strut Bar 

Carburated and Fuel Injected Models, B20/1 or H/F swap

$275 shipped US.  NEW PRODUCT !!!



Installed: on a Carbed B20/1 Model.


Remember we do offer Packaged Deal/Combo Deals on 2 or more bars purchased at once.  A discount off listed!

BA 88-91 Prelude 3 Point Front Upper and 2 Point Rear Upper in Bright White

Flat Black pictured below really nice color

Black Chrome Pictured Below real shiney black