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ESP Spring and Summer Deals Email Us for Full Details! If do not see your chassis for Deals Email Us will do a Combo Deal!
Front Upper Adjustable Control Arms AKA Camber Kit Have the Below Chassis!
4 Degree +2 -2
Thick Steel!
A Candy Purple Traction Bar Heading out the Door!
Just in Time for Easter!
You may not be balling till you dip your parts in Gold with Gold Decal :)
Huge Summer Sizzle Sale!!!
When purchase 2 or more products at once!
NA and Turbo Setups!!!
ESP/850 Fab
Catch Can and Coolant Can Combo
"The Jewelry Box"
Small and Compact but big enough for the big boys!
$575 Shipped US Can/Filter
$695 Shipped US Can/Filter/Hose/Fittings to Valve Cover and Oil Pan has made official switch to Insane Shafts
They are great quality and are under $400 for 500hp axles
They have all our ESP Swap Kits Covered!
Please Read!!!
---Update!!! Oct 1, 2015---
Please Email if interested in any products.  I will see if I can assist.  We are doing MOST
ESP products :)
Steve S. -NY
CD 94-97 Accord Turbo Charged H22 is ONE FAST CD...
Ran a 10.94@137
Might be the Fastest CD Accord
He is running our ESP CD 94-97 Accord Traction Bar System
with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F :)
--Sept 15, 2014--
  We have decided to take some time off and come back when we think the market is better demand.  Our hand made products speak for themselves top notch quality pieces at a good price.  Everything we make is hand made and made upon scratch.  We have been more blacksmiths then anything.  In an age now where business's have lost touch with the handmade parts and punch keys to get from china in mass poor quality.  It is a sad time for all.  However we still think there is a market for our handmade, made in USA...custom pieces.  We made a lot of products that are very difficult to make.  Always up for a customer that needed a custom part or think a certain custom part would sell in the market.
    The market has been hard on us in the last couple years. The last few years we have been working 7 days a week. Our own funds added to keep it alive through the slow times.
     Stay tuned to our website and welcome to check in with us on our Email up in the top banner of our website .  We will keep the website active and update as needed.  We may come back in a month or we may in several months if still interested in our products.  All current customers have been refunded
Q: What can you do to help us make a come back?
A: Spread the word about our quality products that you guys love!
Email Us!  Still inquire about products! Will let us see the need!
Demand must be there for us to make a comeback! :)
7/13/16 Beautifully Heavily Modded 1993 Honda Accord CB7 K24A2 Sporting Our Strut Bars. ESP 2 Point Front Upper Strut Bar in Wrinkle Black
Q: Why go with ESP products?

A:           There are many reasons.  All of our products are handmade, made in house, made upon purchase and made in the USA.  All of our products are made out of thick steel with thick Stainless Steel welds.  They are also braced when needed or even if not needed.  We try to overbuild and over engineer the product.  Our welds are done by my father who has 45 year experience Master Mechanic and Welder.  Our products last!  They won’t brake on you like cheap oversea parts!  We take pride in seeing other issues out there that arise with certain parts and figure a way to make the product better and fit better being a special swap mount kit etc.  A lot of companies these days do not make their products from scratch they are mass produced thinned out steel and thinned out robotic tig weld.  Or even worse mass produced overseas.  In a lot of cases the welds are not strong because they are thinned out to save a buck.  With us you can always have us repair an item and or refurbish it and purchase replacement parts.  Try getting this kind of service off eBay.  We believe our products are the best functioning and strongest on the market!!!


So rest a sure with purchasing with us you are getting the best product available.


Don't buy cheap no name Ebay China Mount Kits!!!
I get this a lot.  You save a few dollars and purchase a no name, no brand kit on ebay.  Then it don't fit and or have huge issue on getting to fit.  Axle Alignment issues.  Engine isn't sitting right.  Or just huge slop in the Mounts. Your constantly altering the kit to work and shop is charging you lots of money.  Then you end up buying a legit proven kit like ours.  Skip the first step, save some money and just purchase our ESP proven kits.  We have great customer service on the swap with complete instructions.  Detailed step by step with pictures and can offer replacement parts on all products.
Seahawk Green/Lime Green


--------------------------- NEW COOL LOOK------------------------

If you guys want a custom look we can add the Name Plate Below and do the Plate in Any Color and Any Color decal you'd like.  Screws are SS and Counter Sunk for a clean look.

$30 Additional charge to your order.

We can also Do Custom Wording


Super Street Magazine

Beautifully modded CB 90-93 Accord

Sporting our ESP CB Auto to 5 spd Motor Mount Kit :)

Recent Jan. 2016 Article with a Beautiful CB 90-93 Accord

Has our ESP CB 90-93 Accord Motor Mount Kit H/F in Gold with Red inserts

CB 90-93 Accord Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F Gold

And possibly our ESP Alternator Kit as well :)

Stumbled Upon this Gem on one of the Forums Online. :) CD Station Wagon

Running one of our ESP CD 94-97 Accord Traction Bar Sytems in Gold.

The thing that striked me, was the countless hours of sanding and filling/metal work

to get it smooth and flush in the engine bay.  Beautiful Car!

We ESP mentioned in Honda Tuning Magazine Aug 2013 Issue with a Beautifully and Tastefully Modded CB 90-93 Accord. 

On Newstands.

He is running our ESP CB 90-93 Accord Auto to 5 spd Motor Mount Kit F/H Motors in Near Chrome


Richie's K24 CB Accord Tastefully Modded :)

ESP 3 Point Front Upper Strut Bar in Gold

April Issue of Honda Tuning Magazine

Big Mike's Prelude Featured in Latest
Honda Tuning Magazine Oct. 2012
He is running our ESP BB 92-96 Prelude Traction Bar System
with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F in Near Chrome. 
 He was also our 1st Mentioning in Honda Tuning few
years ago when the car was orginally burg/purple.
Update!!!! 11/6/2011 World Cup Finals in MD
Roger went 9.33@161 
he is going faster and faster!!!
Running our Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F and Solid Motor Mount Kit
Blake aka 98vtec aka q16racer (H-T)
recently went
11.85@116 mph on His H22/H23 All Motor Setup
325 hp
He is running our 97-01 Prelude Traction Bar System
He is the first NA prelude to make it into the 11's !!!
EF 88-91 Civic/Crx
EG 92-95 Civic/Del Sol
EK 96-00 Civic
DC 94-01 Integra
Check out our ESP Honda/Acura Motor Mount Kit section for further information

We specialize in Custom Engineering and Fabrication.  We are known for our High End Quality and attention to detail.  All of our products are hand made in house.  Many hours were spent perfecting these pieces to ensure you get a great quality product at a reasonable price.  Our welds are High End Quality and are stainless steel.  We can make just about anything happen. 

Built strong, built to last!!!

All of our products are hand made and are considered custom and made upon order! They do take time so please understand that with your wait time upon purchase.  Normal wait time is anywhere from 2-8 weeks on Mount Kits and Traction Bar Systems, 6-9 weeks on Custom Hand Made Strut Bars. Plan ahead and purchase ahead.  Upon purchase there are no refunds since they are custom pieces that are made upon purchase. Thanks - ESP

October 2011 Honda Tuning Magazine EF 88-91 Civic/Crx 3 Point Front Upper Strut Bar pictured above in Bright White BB 92-96 Prelude 5 spd Motor Mount Kit H/F (Near Chrome) Pictured 97-01 Prelude BB 5 spd Motor Mount Kit H/F Near Chrome and Upper H OEM Spec Alternator Kit (Pictured)
Roger is running our 92-96 Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F He just broke into the 9's
Worlds Fastest BB Prelude !!! Street Trim!!! 9.65@153 at the recent IREV event. Way to go Roger!
video of 9.7 run that day:
Update!!!! 11/6/2011 World Cup Finals in MD
Roger went 9.33@161 
he is going faster and faster!!!

Purchase Information:

Pay with Paypal Almost all products we have on our site has a PayPal Buy It Now logo.  By clicking on it you may pay with a Paypal Account using: Bank Account, Credit Card or Debit Card. If wanting to purchase multiple items please Email, AIM or Call Us.  We offer a slight discount if 2 or more products are purchased at once.

Hello feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products or would like to make an order.  Contact info:


AIM:  ExplicitSpeed360

Picture below shows the high quality SS welds.

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ESP was mentioned in October 2011 issue of Honda Tuning Magazine about our products.


We ESP were mentioned in October 2010  Honda Tuning Magazine Issue with a Beautiful H2B (H22) DA Integra.  He is running one of our ESP Upper Alternator Kits.  Back to Back issues :)


We ESP were mentioned again in the September 2010 Honda Tuning Magazine Issue with another CD Accord. 

This time on my buddies Spiker's Built 675 whp H22A Turbo'd CD Accord and is a 4 door :) . The car is a TRUE Sleeper in every way.  A wolf in sheeps clothing!  It has 4 doors!  A baby seat in the back to look decieving. It's something that will definetly take out any sports car on the street and leave you walking away asking what the heck?!?!

 He is running our ESP CD 94-97 Accord Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H22/F and our ESP CD 94-97 Accord 5 spd H22 Motor Mount Kit.  The Traction Bar System is the very 1st one we ever made for the CD chassis.  He has been street using and abusing our products for a couple years now :)

UPDATE :  Recently Up the Boost and now is putting down 750 WHP and 575 FT LBS of Torque to the WHEELS!!!


We ESP were mentioned again in the recent Feb/March 2010 Honda Tuning Magazine Issue on a beautifully modded 95 Honda Accord for our ESP CD Accord Motor Mount. :)


Our First Mentioning of Us (Explicit Speed Performance) was in July's 08 issue of Honda Tuning Magazine with a stuning beautiful Honda Prelude Cover Car.  Hopefully a sign to come with many more mentionings...

Update 8/11/11

Rogers, Worlds Fastest BB Prelude current time to date 9.65@153mph .  He is running our BB Prelude Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F Motors and has been track abusing for some time :)

Top End USA's (ESP DA H22A  Motor Mount Kit)

745 whp and 492 ft lbs of torque

at 35 psi race gas BW S372 turbo

Videos of it on the dyno: Copy Paste:

This is a pull at 15psi

This is a quick snap of the turbo still spooling after the engine is shutdown

For the ladies or for those brave men! We do offer Neon Pink Powder Coating :)  It's very bright.

Installed on a 500 hp BB6 97-01 Prelude.  1/8 mile times were improved says the owner :)

Owners exact feedback:

"Thanks so much for the amazing traction bar... I got it the day before Import Faceoff and my mechanic said it was the easiest part hes ever installed on a car... especially my pain in the rear prelude haha... I just wanted to send you a couple pictures to show you! He was very worried I wouldn't have clearance for the front mount torque because he already had to remove my front motor mount but we had about 1 inch of clearance from my downpipe haha so it worked perfect! Excellent product!! Thank you again!! oh and the pink matched my valve cover perfect :) I think the traction bar helped me to get my 7.6 eighth mile time! I ran an 11.93 quarter mile but I have never run the prelude in a quarter mile before then so I can't tell you if it helped for that but I'm sure it did! anything can help a 500 whp boat of a prelude. "